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Available Hedgehogs

Name: Carol

Dam: HHT Madalyne Pryor

Sire: HHT Stone Cold "Austin"

Born: 10/25/2023

Expected Color: Grey Pinto

Gender: Female

Price: $160.00

 Status: Available.

Carol is not an aggressive or shy hedgehog, but she is your typical hedgehog. This species is naturally a prey animal and not overly affectionate or outgoing. She would do well with an experienced owner or an animal-lover who understands this language. With bonding, she has opened up a lot and shown much personality. However, younger audiences and children may feel intimidated by this specific hedgehogs' nature.

Our next litters are due March 15, 2024. They will wean approximately April 26, 2024.

Sires and Dams

HHT Run Koala Run "Andrew" and HHT Urai Seein' Double "Asuka"

HHT Run Koala Run "Andrew" and HHT Treat Yourself "Beignet"

HHT Stone Cold "Austin" and HHT Mickie James "Noodle"

HHT Stone Cold "Austin" and HHT Suzuki

KQH Kajun Spice and HHT Lochness Mystery "Nessie"

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