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Thanks for popping by Happy Hogs' site! We are a hedgehog breeder located in

Lubbock, TX and are known for the temperament and health of our hedgehogs.

Ever heard the saying "Happy Cows Come From California"? Well, I'm not sure how true

that is but I am sure that Happy Hogs come from Texas. Here we do not breed for biggest

litters or for the most profit but we take our time finding the best parents with the cleanest

and healthiest pedigrees in order to make you the best companion. We have spent a large

amount of time and energy in finding a vast number of healthy pedigrees from all over

the nation. We do not breed hedgehogs that have ill temperaments as it does carry into

hoglets. If cancer has shown itself early in a lineage we also remove these pedigrees from

our program. From the earliest day possible our hogs are held and socialized so that they are

ready to show you how much fun and love they are capable of.

So what's our goal and what motivates us? Many scientific studies have proven that our human lives are longer, healthier and happier alongside an animal companion. It reduces stress, increases heart health and so much more! Here we take the time to not only do what ever we can to better the hedgehog species with extensive pedigrees and selectively breeding only the healthiest, friendliest hedgehogs but to do so in a way that we can better human lives as well. This is a passion we love very much and we take very seriously.

Some Images (c) Justin Spriggs

Do not use any without permission.

Hello there! Welcome to Happy Hogs!

Happy Hogs has been a member of the IHA, IHR and HBA* since 2010

License # 74-A-1470

International Hedgehog Association Member Number: B1086

*HBA (Hedgehogs Breeder's Alliance) disbanded winter of 2012.


Note that many of these national clubs lost funding at some point so not many remain. However, we wanted to show how actively we have tried to continue our education and support our communities.


In   Loving  Memory

of   Grant

October 30th, 1988


June 10th, 2020

A husband, a father, and an amazing friend. Grant brought

home our first hedgehog and supported Happy Hogs for eleven years while working with hundreds of families before he lost

his battle against cancer.

It will never be the same without him here.

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